What’s a writer?

I’m one to read articles galore about writing or about being a writer and I do enjoy them. However I am a bit confused and peeved because when these articles refer to writers and what “goes on in their heads” they always talk about characters and dialog, plots and scenarios. It’s like they are always referring to the fiction writer as if that were the only kind there were. What about all the other forms of writers? Are they not “real writers”?

I don’t conjure up dragons or secret passages in abandoned castles while I wash the dishes or take a shower, but I do have an endless train of thoughts that run through my mind at all hours of the day. Topics and lessons, entries of all kinds pour into my mind and urge my hand to record them before they slip away.

Nights of endless thinking about life, love, family, friends, society, the seen and the unseen.

Are those thoughts not valid? And when I put them on paper, is that not writing? Good writing, bad writing, good art, bad art, people will judge but none of that truly matters because at the end of the day you created something that otherwise wouldn’t have existed. You listened to that urge to put it on paper, that pull to write it all down, that nagging voice telling you NOW is better than later and, to me, THAT’S what makes a writer.



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