Hello Again.

I’ve been gone from this blog for a while. Been through a lot, still going through some stuff. I’ve made it one of my new year goals to not only habitually write daily but to post on here more often. It might start out as once a week till I get my home internet back but hopefully after I get that back it’ll be more frequently.

I’m no professional writer and yes you will see some grammatical errors in my writing and probably in my structure as well. I’m trying to study but I’m finding it hard to juggle work, my 2 girls, the house, writing and prepping for homeschooling. Another one of my new year goals is to get things in order on a more daily basis, and it only makes sense since all that does have to do with my future career goals as a Professional Organizer.

I’m praying this year is going to be a great one not only for me but for all you reading this as well. A year of blessings and big moves and prosperity.

I wish to re-establish myself into this blog for the new year so I’d like to set up a short list of goals / this blogs path.

  • I wish to dive into writing more. Any kind of writing from poems to journal writing and more.
  • I want to post more pictures of my art journaling simply because 1. it’s my blog (haha) and 2. it’s something that I am proud of and wish to share with those who care.
  • I want to try to start a section of motivational entries. Nothing to structured yet but just something to get those who wish to read them a little inspired / motivated towards moving forward and never giving up no matter how far behind you think you are.
  • And finally, I wish to interact with you guys more. Like I mentioned before I am studying the art of writing but I haven’t got it right yet so if at anytime you all wish to give me a few pointers every now and then they will be greatly appreciated, as long as they are not rude or hurtful.

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