So I am currently reading the book Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius by Erik Wahl and I must say it is a great book. I definitely recommend it to everyone who is tired of the norm, the mundane events of surviving everyday life.
I’ve got a piece from the book to share just so you can get a sample of what this book is about:
“I have been seduced into a life of little conviction- a logical, systematic existence. My best talents had been buries beneath well-intentioned but ultimately lifeless rules meant to hem me into the corporate fabric. What felt like an existence I controlled actually controlled me.”
Still not convinced..? Here’s another:
“You are a fearless artist capable of original, breakthrough ideas and solutions at any moment, on any day. But over time, you have been steered away from venturing, wandering, and wondering. You’ve been taught to think logically, but not daringly, concretely, or instinctively. You’ve all but forgotten the artistic tools with which you were born.”

This book is truly inspiring. I love how eloquent he is and his words do hold truth. If you’re up for being mentally stimulated or even mind blown then this book is for you.


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