So many times we look back at yesterday and think of all the things we didn’t do, stuff we should have said.
We worry about problems that came up and weren’t solved right away. We over analyze every single thing that happened yesterday.
Words that were spoken that hurt our feelings or maybe even our pride, or maybe we just didn’t get enough sleep.
But too often what we overlook is the simple fact that yesterday has come and gone.
What they said yesterday shouldn’t still be hurting today. What you didn’t do yesterday doesn’t have to be something you don’t get around to doing again today. Those things you didn’t get to say yesterday don’t have to go unsaid today. The fact that you didn’t get enough sleep yesterday doesn’t have to run into today.
Yesterday is gone and it won’t be back until tomorrow. So don’t let today become a poor reflection of tomorrows yesterday.
Everyday is a day to try again, to do it over and maybe even better.
So stop letting yesterday be an excuse to ignore today and hate tomorrow.

Ms. Pomales


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