A distant memory…

I see you there, happy and personable. You show love I never saw, you say things I never heard.

Sisters…? You told people we were sisters….!? We were more like strangers and now we aren’t even aware of each others existence. I gave you so much of me, I tried so hard with you. I told you secrets, I showed you love, I trusted you and you gave me nothing, NOTHING! You sat there simple minded, nodding at everything I said but never truly listening.

I see you now, happy and showing love I never saw, sharing moments like never before. What’s the difference? What did I do wrong? I feel as if I wasted time on you because you don’t even remember what we had and the fact that I was so genuine with you doesn’t let me forget.

I let you in my life, I opened my heart, I saw you as my family and you pushed me aside like if I was a plate of unattractive vegetables to your six year old eyes.. Six years later, how do I get over this??

I see you and you look happy, showing love I never felt, saying things I never heard. I want to FORGET you! I don’t want to remember anymore. You don’t care and we all know you probably don’t even remember. I’m living this nightmare of ‘should have, could have, would haves’, and I’m ready to wake up to ‘didn’ts’ with you! I doesn’t matter to me anymore. I don’t want to know ‘what if’. Let me live!! Let me find someone who truly appreciates my time!

I see you there happy….. SO WHAT!!!


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