Reality vs Perception

If all technological devices and services were cut off what would you do?

How would you spend your time?


Panic everywhere! All of a sudden people don’t know how to live anymore. They’ve become so dependent on it. Almost as if the very creation of it is what gives their life true meaning. People have stopped calling each other like they use to. Old fashion letter writing is now snail mail because everyone has gotten so dependent on two minute emails and instant chatting. We would almost forget the feeling of actual human interaction if it were not for that fact that we are obligated to work in order to survive.

The government keeps shoving technology at us that only makes us lazier. They give us devices that encourage us to think less. Now-a-days we know more websites than home addresses. People are not required to ‘know’ someone’s telephone number anymore, now they just have to remember their name and swipe the screen.

So you can imagine the amount of fear that would run through everyone’s mind when they lose their “life lines”. How would you find out what has happened around the world? With the internet? There’s no more Google or quick calls to Sprint about your service. It is truly sad living in a world that has lost their grip on reality and have no clue to what’s really happening to the Earth they live on.

We’re loosing our ozone, we’re slowly being emasculated by our government and losing our rights as humans and inhabitants of this precious land. Our kids are being molded by TV and false indoctrination. All people care about now seems to be which celebrity is pregnant, what they’re naming their baby, who’s wearing what and reality television. No one watches shows with any real depth to them and movies are being made mostly about the end of the world and the government taking over the people. Wake Up!

God is being removed from just about everything, something this country was founded on. Immigrants are criticized when that too is what made America what is is today, if not then we should all be Indians

I don’t want to sound like this preachy annoying “conspiracy theorist” but honestly I don’t think I need to say much more. Especially once you notice that the government is dumbing down the masses with their ‘no child left behind acts’ and their SISPA that they’re trying to pass in order to control what we learn via the internet. I may sound dumb and obnoxious to you now but the only difference between you and I is the fact that I no longer live blind. I am not in denial about the government and their negative reactions towards Snowden and his message of awareness or Monsantos’ (GMO) role in the toxins in our food.

It would be lovely if we recognized the major similarities between us now and Hitler, then that way we can actually avoid another Holocaust.

So are you guilty of overdosing on reality shows? Do you obsess a little too much with Facebook and Instagram? Do you find yourself jumping on the computer as soon as you get home from work just to check your Facebook or even on while at work? Do you skip an ‘open house’ just to catch the new episode of KUWTK?  

How about reading a book or going to the park with your kids? It’s never too late to turn off the TV. I’m not saying it’ll be easy because this is something that we have been trained do, they have been smart in their process, this isn’t something that has been thought out over night. It’s been in planning and in practice for a while. So it will take effort on your part but once you do the research yourself being all about the human race and nature, becoming an advocate for this land won’t be a hard decision to make, you’ll see.

If you think this is a ‘new-age’ thing then I suggest you take a look at the movie ‘Network’ from 1976.

Thank you for reading!

Ms. Pomales



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